As you know, Greenacres Bowl donated money to every sanctioned league’s prize fund this season. This is just one of the many ways we show gratitude to our league bowling base. We appreciate all of you for your continued support.

To continue our great promotion this season we have a new idea we’d like to announce. We will be running a bracket tournament through the holiday season. There is no entry fee, every sanctioned team in every sanctioned league is automatically entered. The best part is there is nothing different teams need to do, just bowl your league session like you normally do, each week.

To make the event fair for all teams, we are utilizing a “Pins Over Average” conversion to percentage for scoring. This will allow teams, no matter the number of members, to compete fairly. This is explained in the "How It Works" tab.

  • Qualifying Results
  • Tournament Bracket
  • How It Works
  • Qualifier & Bracket Dates
  • Rules

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Qualifying Results

Round of 64

Top 8

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Final bracket - Congrats to our runner up and winning teams! Congrats to all teams, we hope you enjoyed and had fun. Stay tuned for another "Operation Inflation Compensation" event during your 2022/23 league session!

Tournament Bracket
Updated 12/11/22

Team A has 5 players and a team average of 1,000.
Their first game of league they shoot 1,120, scratch.
Their pins over average would be +120 pins or 112.00% of their average.

Team B has 4 players and a team average of 800.
Their first game of league they shoot 900, scratch.
Their pins over average would be +100 pins or 112.50% of their average.

In this scenario, the team B would win the match.

Using this system, we have created a three (3) game qualifier that seeds teams into a 64-team bracket. From there, teams will go head to head in one (1) game matches until we have a champion and a runner up.

Qualifying Dates and Info:

The Qualifier will take place 11/14 – 11/18. Teams will use their three (3) game scratch series to determine the top 64. Their series will be compared to their team series average. (Their team average multiplied by three (3) for a series average.)

We will build and advertise the bracket over the week of 11/21 – 11/25. There will be no competition this week.

Bracket Dates and Info:

The OIC Holiday Bracket Tournament will begin on 11/28. Teams will use their game by game scores, during league, as they progress through the bracket. Remember, once the bracket begins, teams will go head to head in one (1) game matches. Once all teams have bowled their three (3) game league session during the week of 11/28 – 12/2, we will break down the bracket to the top eight (8) teams.

The top eight (8) will continue the OIC Holiday Bracket Tournament the week of 12/5 – 12/9. After all teams bowl their league session during this week, we will crown a Champion and a Runner up.

Winner and Runner Up Prizes

The Champions will receive new equipment from our gracious sponsors, Storm and Brunswick.

The Runner Up team will receive new Custom Team Jerseys from That’s Frankeltastic.

All teams must have members with established averages. No team member will be allowed to establish an average during the entirety of this event. There is no minimum game requirements, as long as every bowler has a an established league average they are qualified.

  1. Pre and Post Bowling will be allowed. Post Bowling must be completed before the weekly cut off date. For Qualifying- 11/18. First three (3) rounds- 12/2. Final three (3) rounds- 12/9.

  2. Substitutes are allowed, as long as they have an established league average.

  3. Team average will adjust during this event, just like they do in league.

  4. There should not be any ties with the percentage scoring system. In the event we have one, the tournament director will decide the best way to proceed.

  5. The tournament director will receive confirmation from each League Secretary before pulling the league scores for this event. In the event of an error or malicious attempt at cheating, the tournament director will make any and all adjustments necessary to keep the integrity of the scoring system. The goal is to conduct a fun, fair and friendly competition for our league bowlers.

  6. Qualifying statistics and the 64-Team Bracket will be posted on our website for review.

  7. Your tournament director, Chris Arbour, reserves the right to make any and all decisions necessary in the event of any situation that arises that is not covered above. Please direct all questions or comments to