Current Jackpot Frames

Strike Jackpot

Click the image above to enlarge the Strike Jackpot frames for your league session! Please note, you may have to refresh this page to view new information.

Previous Winners
  • Keith Phillips, Baseball, 7/10/2023
  • Anthony Davis, Party Animals, 7/28/23
  • Tony Luigini, Thursday 4's, 9/14/23
  • Trey Schmidt, NFL Classic, 10/16/23
  • Kaitlyn McShane, NFL Classic, 1/29/24
  • Chase Merritt, NFL Classic, 2/19/24
  • Jason Brock, NFL Classic, 3/4/24
  • Nick Agustin & Joel Rosalez, 5/20/24

About the Strike Jackpot

Below is the information about our new Strike Jackpot! We will only have one pot and is open to all Greenacres Bowl adult league members. The challenge is dynamic and will change each time it is hit. It will also change if it is not hit within the first 5 weeks. These new rules will make it easier to hit and provide more bowlers a chance to win!

  • The Jackpot will start at $100. Entries are $1 each per league session. All Greenacres Bowl adult league members are eligible to participate in the Strike Jackpot.

  • You must be entered/signed up in the Strike Jackpot before the end of your league's practice time. No late entries will be accepted.

  • There will be no cap on the prize amount. The pot will increase until it is hit.

  • If two or more bowlers hit the pot on the same league session, the pot will be split evenly between all winners. A league session is defined as a 3-game series completed in leagues that start at the same time, it is not the complete day - our current league session times* are 9AM, 12PM, 3PM, and 7PM. (*No 9AM leagues during the summer months)

  • Frames MUST be verified during your league session by a Greenacres Bowl Front Desk staff member.

  • There will be four (4) frames chosen, at random with playing cards, for each game. There will be a total of twelve (12) strikes needed to hit the pot. The chosen frames will be posted and updated on this page each time a new pot begins.

  • If the 10th frame is chosen, it will always be the first trike in the 10th frame. No strikes in the 11th or 12th frame will count towards your strikes.

  • The frames will remain the same for the first five (5) weeks. After 5 weeks, one frame will be removed per week, at random. This will continue until there is a winner or until we have one (1) strike frame, per game, remaining in the challenge.

  • The challenge will always have a minimum of at least one (1) strike frame per game and a maximum of four (4) strike frames per game.

  • The winning individual will draw the new strike frames for the next pot. The new pot will start at $100 and begin on the next league session.

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